Chris Bird Chris Bird is a tax practitioner and national lecturer on individual income, corporate income, and real estate tax issues. Dynamic and entertaining, Chris makes complex material easy to understand. His background includes over 16 years of experience as an IRS agent in the St Louis, Missouri, and Springfield, Illinois offices serving as a field agent, a branch manager, and a training director. Chris is a Certified Financial Planner and has been an enrolled agent for over twenty years. He has served as an editor for the Tax Book in addition to being a major contributor to the University of Illinois Tax School Manual and an instructor at their seminars held throughout the state of Illinois.

Chris has presented income tax courses to thousands of CPAs, attorneys, and enrolled agents nationwide. He has presented preparation courses for the Enrolled AgentExamination for over fifteen years throughout the country. Chris is a frequent speaker for Professional Tax and Accounting Associations nationwide.

In 2023 we will offer 2 live sessions and one webinar session. This year’s tax workbook topics will include a wide range of relevant topics, including:

  • A Trust and Estates chapter, covering planning strategies using the annual gift tax exclusion. In addition, the chapter covers how to make discounted gifts of interest in an FLP, and how to avoid common IRS challenges to those discounted gifts.
  • A Penalties and Defenses chapter, important for the coming IRS audit and collection activities. This chapter covers what defenses can be asserted and available administrative and statutory penalty relief.
  • A form 4797 chapter. An old friend of mine, Vince Kloeckner, a well-respected IRS appeals officer, taught me that if a tax professional understands from 4797, they know a lot about tax law.
  • An Individual Tax Issues chapter, dealing with the new regulations concerning the Premium Tax Credit, the new Clean Vehicle Credits, and new Home Energy Credits. The majority of the new credits impact 2023 and going forward.
  • A New and Expiring Legislation chapter, which always provides the question of whether we will have any new and important last minute legislation from Congress and the current administration.

The Invaluable National Income Tax Workbook 2023

A 500+ page workbook with a complete index is included with your seminar / webinar registration.

If changes warrant, you will receive a supplement covering the current income tax items of interest, in addition to having access to the regular electronic updates. No CD will be included with the book in2023, instead the attendee will be provided with a code that will allow access to a searchable archive of past books that will be available online

Who Should Attend & Course Objectives

This seminar is designed for:

  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
  • Enrolled Agents (EA)
  • Certified Financial Planners (CFP), (Qualify 14 hours – No ethics)
  • Attorneys (qualify for MCLE, 13.0 hours)
  • Tax Return Preparers

This course is at an intermediate level — no prerequisites are required. Offered courses meet all Internal Revenue Service, and States of Illinois and Missouri continuing education requirements and qualify for CLE, as well as CFP requirements (Note: The ethics portion of this course does not satisfy the CFP orMCLE ethics requirement). This course enables the participant to stay abreast of new developments in tax law. Two hours of ethics on the first day

  • Ethics
  • Form 4797
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Business Tax Issues
  • Choice of Entity
  • IRS Issues
  • Individual Issues
  • Retirement, Investments, and Savings
  • Penalties and Defenses
  • New and Expiring Legislation
  • Rulings and Cases
  • Tax Rates and Useful Tables
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources

The various chapters in the textbook are written by authors with expert knowledge in preparing individual and small business income tax returns. The Tax Workbook is used in tax schools held in 30 states during the fall each year to teach more than 30,000 tax practitioners. This book is available only to sponsors of tax schools and to participants in the tax schools as part of their educational material.